Can Old Buildings Be Given an Environmental Overhaul?

Older buildings, such as museums and train stations, are notorious for being highly inefficient in terms of their energy use. In many cases, such inefficiencies are forgiven, as many examples of old architecture are the most stunning and beautiful. At the same time, however, there is growing pressure on owners of all types of buildings to ensure that they are doing everything possible to reduce their carbon footprint and promote the global green agenda.

What are the available options for buildings that need an environmental overhaul?

Solar Panelling

Although solar panels are widely seen on buildings today, they are only really prominent on new builds or if they have been used as part of the main structure. Attaching solar panels to older buildings would, in many cases, be a total nightmare. This is mainly due to the erosion of many elements of the existing construction, meaning that they would simply not be strong enough to support solar panels, which are heavy and put a lot of pressure on the external framework of a building.

With solar out of the question, where could we turn to next?

Roof Replacements

Some older buildings are struggling to support their own existing roof structure, let alone with solar panels adding to the weight. This means that many decades-old buildings currently require essential maintenance to be carried out on the roof.

Trouble is, construction companies cannot just put up scaffolding and reinforce the roof, as that will put pressure on the structure and perhaps cause the building to collapse inward. Reinforcing the existing structure is neither cost effective nor practical.

However, the roof can be replaced in its entirety using materials such as ETFE. ETFE is such a great product for roof replacements as it is extremely light, meaning that the load placed on the existing structure will actually reduce once the existing brick rooftop has been removed.

The ace in the pack; ETFE is a highly eco-friendly material. It doesn’t erode due to air pollution, requires very little maintenance, acts as a natural insulator, and allows a building to enjoy hugely increased levels of natural light within it.

Immediately, energy use and costs within a building will tumble dramatically, whether it is a library, a museum, a train station, or a hospital.

Environmental Overhaul

While homeowners are continuously looking for a number of small gains in order to improve their energy efficiency, the best results for larger buildings are found by making wholesale upgrades to major elements of a construction, such as the roof.

Over the coming years, expect to see more and more old buildings around the world given the modern green treatment. While there will likely be levels of upset at the dismantling of much-loved architectural features, ultimately the aesthetic loss will be far outweighed by the longer term benefits of an environmental overhaul.

This article was written by Vector Foiltec. Vector Foiltec have been responsible for the development of many large-scale eco-building projects across the world, regularly using ETFE panels on both new buildings as well as within renovation projects for older examples of architecture.

Why Should I get a glass fence for my swimming pool?

If you’re contemplating at setting up a glass pool fence around your pool although not sure, listed here are ten reasons why you need to select a glass fence.

1. The look of a glass fence is a lot more attractive a iron or aluminum fence.

2. Viewing water is an essential feature when searching at the pool out of your house or sitting outdoors the pool area.

3. The price. You will find many versions of glass fencing from semi seamless to seamless

4.They’ve Do it Yourself  items available these days in glass fencing which makes it more available and reasonable for everybody

5.The current look from the glass fence keeps your home current along with the modern trendy looks nowadays.

6. The look out of glass causes it to be visible that you should be careful about your children whatsoever occasions making safety and supervision simpler.

7. The sizing from the glass sections is available in any size which makes it more readily available for all size pool areas.

8. Glass fences can adhere to Australian Standards 1926.1 Compliance to local laws and regulations is really a large plus.

9. Freely available in most states of Australia and easily available to work with

10. Highly suggested by all pool contractors because of its look and examine and simplicity of use around any pool area.

If you’re wanting more details when it comes to glass fencing take a look at Mode Glass who’re the specialists in Glass fencing. Have a look at their website at to see if a glass fence would suit your requirements.

Shop Fitting and what is involved?

The whole process of fitting out an outlet might be detailed or simple – also it truly is dependent around the kind of shop and what importance is situated round the design. Shopfitting is needed when you really need to suit equipment and merchandise right into a store, office, bar or restaurant therefore the business looks appealing helping sell the stock or service that’s on offer. To work you have to make the majority of the space available for you for you. You will find a variety of what exactly you need to think about with shopfitting for example outfit wardrobe hangers, shelving, display cubes or cabinets, counters, jewelry stands, hooks, sales brochure holders, seats, tables, signs display systems, together with flooring, lighting, wall covering draperies and colors. Should you may need top tips regarding how to setup the next shop or business mind to for many advice.

Spring Clean for Your Garden?

It’s this time when people are working a lot in gardens and that means having them look nice. Thanks to plants going up very fast in South East Queensland, that will be a tougher duty than you wish. One way to to decrease the hassle can be to call someone like Mick’s Bins Bribane to deliver a small skip bin in order to fill it with the plant cuttings, or go to to find out when your local council have collections.

The skip bin company returns and loads the skip bin so that you have no additional disposal worries. You ought to order a larger skip bin, in case you have commercial garbage to add to the bin. You get a good deal of space, therefore put a little thought into the type of the rubbish you would like taken and you won’t be investing in a greater skip bin than necessary. Be careful not to make the mistake of trimming back the trees too much in a burst of eagerness. You should make sure you have sufficient shady area to hold your next meeting with friends. Your barbecue will be the get together place for family and if you take care to cut the grass and have the corners tidy a day before the party, you’re going to be the star.

If you build yourself a compost heap, you might not need a skip at all there’s loads of info on how to set up your own on wikipedia and here

The Block TV Show Makes Decorating Fun Again!

It’s at this time of year when everyone seems to be having a good old spring clean and fixing up their homes before winter sets in; that we are suddenly inundated with reality TV shows and magazine articles telling us how there’s a designer inside all of us.

Let me be brutaly honest – there isn’t. In some respects, it’s good attention for the design and trades industries as a whole, but there’s a lot more to it than just cutting up some cloth and throwing paint at the wall.

Before you get carried away, do a little research; this is a great video for starters
If you’re serious about taking your interest a step further, and not only fixing up your own place, but trying to start a career in fabric and design,the best thing you can do for yourself is evaluate your weaknesses and strengths. Regardless of how skilled you are, if you don’t have the ability and knowledge to operate as a real business, you aren’t going to make it. Find someone

who’s been doing it successfully for a long time, like and get some insight, most people are usually willing to offer help and advice where they can.

The main error in judgment the majority of self-employed people make is wanting to reduce costs by handling their accounts by themselves. It’s usually harmful to the business for two reasons.

For starters, they may not be capable and might finish up making errors that cost more in the long run.

Second of all, what might take an experienced professional a day to do, could take an unskilled person a week. As soon as you equate what you might have earned in a week, to what a consultant would’ve cost, it’s not hard to see where you’re losing money. Remember, getting a little information now can help you a lot in the future, for more detailed advice on how to get your design business off the ground check out

Workmen Complete New Home For Buster

The latest addition to Crocosaurus Cove has arrived to check out his new specially built home. Many hours have gone into recreating his natural environment and it’s a testament to the craftsmen’s work that the Floodplain Goanna seems to be settling in comfortably.

Buster is already 1.3m long and 5 kilos heavy, and set to keep growing. endeavours to showcase the wild and prehistoric to the families of Darwin and has a strong focus on educating kids to the wonders of their local natural environment.

A lot of families these days opt for more exotic pets, but don’t always know what they’re getting themselves into. It’s a huge commitment to take any animal as a pet, but lizards and reptiles can be dangerous and hard to look after in a domestic situation. If you’re thinking about it, make sure you’ve researched properly and have all the information before making a final decision.

Saying that, they can make brilliant pets if you choose well and take the right precautions; check out this example.

But bear in mind, the food factor is often the trickiest part. had this to say on their blog this month;

“To get everything you need on a regular basis, you may have to visit a couple of grocery stores, or convince the produce manager at your regular store, to get what you need, and then spend an hour or two a week preparing the foods. In some countries in which green iguanas, desert iguanas, Uromastyx, and prehensile-tailed skinks (all herbivorous lizards) are sold, the foods they need to be fed regularly are difficult, sometimes impossible, to find. As with carnivore food products, the commercially available foods for herbivores are not completely satisfactory replacements for a properly constructed fresh food diet.”

Feel free to post any feedback about your own experience with reptiles and amphibians for pets.

Doors And Security

When you decide on new doors for your home there are also security factors to think about. For example when purchasing bifold doors there needs to be lock systems in place so that intruders cannot take advantage of opening them by the hinges. Nearly every door style has its weak point but there are always measures to make sure that you and your family are safe. Intercom systems are a good way to give the appearance of a secure property and also makes it easier to communicate with the person who is outside your door. Many security businesses offer custom solutions so it is worth thinking about exactly what you would benefit from. Security screens are definitely a useful way of keeping theives out, bugs out and kids in. There are some great products on the market suited to different household needs, check out


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